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Slaves of Fear

One fundamental aspect to the Gospel is freedom. Jesus came to set free the oppressed and captive. That includes both the physical and spiritual. His onslaught on injustice was clear and still rings true today. One aspect of that spiritual freedom is that of freedom from enslavement to fear. “For you did not receive the […]

What A Mess!

The above photo was taken last fallĀ in my backyard. We have several bushes back there that had really grown over the last three years. I had not taken the time to prune them, so this past summer, the vines decided to hitch a ride on the overgrown bushes and began attacking the power lines. I […]

No Sugar For A Month: How It Went

Over the weekend I finished up my month of Kissing Sugar Goodbye. I actually went the whole month and avoided sugar. This was a big deal for me, especially as I had tried to go sans-sugar before and I didn’t get past day 14. I was more serious this time and even eliminated sugar substitutes […]