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Fear is such a nasty foe. It always seems to find its way into our lives. As a Christian, I’m encouraged not to fear, specifically because as Christians we trust God will take care of us. But it’s not easy to trust and to not be fearful. It’s hard not to be fearful when you […]

Grace Can Hurt

Grace seems to be quite the buzz word lately. Sermons upon sermons have been preached. Ministries have been birthed. Books have been written. A lot of what has come forth is good, but other aspects maybe not so much. When it comes to teaching on grace, the pendulum can swing anywhere from a greasy, perversion […]

Slaves of Fear

One fundamental aspect to the Gospel is freedom. Jesus came to set free the oppressed and captive. That includes both the physical and spiritual. His onslaught on injustice was clear and still rings true today. One aspect of that spiritual freedom is that of freedom from enslavement to fear. “For you did not receive the […]