I’m really not that big on making New Year’s resolutions. Most years the ones I’ve made, ended around mid-February.

I remember one year, while in Bible college, I signed up for a gym (contract and all). I think I (maybe) used it once. Unfortunately, that was money wasted.

I’ve learned to take life as it comes to me, and sprinkle in a little planning.

This method of living has been OK thus far, however, our life is crazy right now. Between our plethora of children, work and church, we are very busy people.

And because our life is so scattered, I felt led to sit down and make a list of priorities. It feels like some things are falling through the cracks, while other things are robbing us of precious time. Time that we can’t ever get back.

So I sat down, prayed, thought, and wrote out a list.

Once I had it compiled, I quickly realized… I kind of made a resolution list.

But we’re going to go with calling it “Goals for 2015.” Haha.

So anyways, I thought I’d share with you some of our goals for our family for 2015.

Family Devotions

How we’ve done family devotions over the years has evolved as our family and schedule has.

We’ve recently begun discussing the “Scripture of the Day” whenever we sit down and have a meal. This typically ends up being 3-4 days a week. We’ve had some really good conversations about Jesus while seated around our family’s dinner table.

One goal we’re going to shoot for this coming year, in addition to the above method, is picking one night a week (maybe two) and have a designated time where we all read our Bibles.

Our desire with leading our children is to teach them to love Jesus. We want it to be real, not staged or forced. Allowing our family to be ourselves, is important as we walk out life together with Jesus.


This is one that actually got me thinking about making a list. As a family, discipleship must be a priority. Jesus told us to go and make disciples, so in 2015, we’re going to make it a priority, as a family, to make disciples.

I’m not sure what this looks like, other than it being a stated priority and a tangible part of our family life. That means if we have to change up something in our family’s life in order to free us up to make disciples, then that’s what we will do.

What We Eat

This past year, Hannah and I transitioned our diets from Weight Watchers (10 years baby!) to a Paleo/Primal/Low-carb method. I think we did this back in February or March. I lost 30lbs over the course of the year, which was unnecessary weight that I had started to pack back on.

Along with transitioning our eating habits, we began researching a lot about what we eat. We came to the shocking realization that we are destroying ourselves by simply what we put in our mouths. 80% of the foods in a grocery store have added sugar. That’s crazy! Some recent research has linked our abundant sugar consumption to type-2 diabetes, heart disease and even possibly cancer.

Because of that, one of our goals for 2015 is to eliminate as much sugar from our family’s diet as possible.

It’s not just about weight management any more, but rather, it’s about living healthy. I’ve noticed a huge difference in how I feel now that I’ve cut out most sugar.

I used to roll my eyes at foodies, but apparently, I’ve become one.

So there’s a few of our goals for our family for 2015.

As you consider this next year, I’d encourage you to ask Holy Spirit what He’s wanting to do in and through your life. And as He highlights things to change, remove, start, etc., obey Him. And by the way, there’s always some area we need to grow up in.

P.S. – The years I have made resolutions and kept them, I started them sometime in December of the year before. I had a head start that kept me going. So if you’re gonna try to read through the Bible or diet, why not start now?