I’m sitting next to my favorite little girl as we fly 31,000 feet in the air. We’ve just spent the last two days together in Texas at my grandmother’s funeral. It’s been super-special to spend time with just her.

If you know anything about this little girl that’s sitting next to me, you know that she’s anything but quiet and still. It seems she has an invisible pipeline of energy coming in from somewhere. She sings and skips everywhere she goes. And the joy she exudes is contagious.

Of course, like any child, she’s not perfect. She has her moments.

And some of those moments involve me saying “Leah, HURRY UP!” That would be when we’re at home, and I’m really tired and she’s lolly-gagging and really taking her time getting ready for bed. But then there’s other times where she’s running out ahead of me in a crowded airport and the command I give out is: “Leah, WAIT!”

I had a thought this evening as I let out that cry in the Houston airport: the girl must be so confused. She probably can’t keep track of when she needs to hurry up or when she needs to wait. And if I’m honest, most of the times that I’m giving out those orders, her life really isn’t in danger.

For me, this points to something much larger… simply enjoying life and specifically enjoying my kids.

The last few months, I’ve really stopped to smell the roses when it comes to BEING with my little family.

My oldest son is 10. He’s basically a teenager. My girl, she’s 7. Both of them are quite independent and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were gone once they turn 18. Thankfully I have more time with my youngest son (he’s 4 months old).

So… I’ve decided to stop trying to hurry everyone and to enjoy the moments. While I’ve definitely not arrived when it comes to doing this, I’ve really made a point to actually enjoy my little life.

And you should too.

What’s more important than those in relationship with you? Is that Facebook feed more important or is seeing the face of your child as they’re trying to tell you their accomplishments on Minecraft? Is it worth a little pride to skip through the crowd of people because it brings your child joy?

I’ve definitely learned: Our family relationships (spouses, children, etc) are precious and we should treat them as such.