Here’s a few quotes I collected from 2013 that really stood out to me:

“Make it your task to follow Christ in his humility. He will make it his task to bring you to his glory.” – Andrew Murray

“If you never mention the Lord in conversation with each other, isn’t that proof that you aren’t so concerned about Him?” – AW Tozer

“Any serious doctrine of grace is going to scare the rockers right off our little theological hobbyhorses.” – Robert Capon

“Thoughtful theology must begin with prayer and Scripture. If Jesus, the Word of God, took them seriously, so should we.” – Preston Yancey

“I was quite pleased with myself. Then the Bible, and in particular the Sermon on the Mount, freed me from that.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“The Bible cannot be understood simply by study or talent; you must count only on the influence of the Holy Spirit.” – Martin Luther

“You cannot build Gods reputation if you aren’t willing to risk yours”. – Mark Batterson