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He Laid Aside His Outer Garments

The records we have, in the Gospels, of Jesus interacting with others, paint a very important picture of who Jesus was and is. He was gracious, compassionate, merciful and loving. He broke societal boundaries and made the self-righteous religious squirm. The perspective John gives us of Jesus goes even further than Jesus’ interactions with others […]

Your Pastor Is Not Jesus 

I’ve had this blog post in draft mode for a while, however, because of some recent events surrounding well-known pastors, I thought I’d maybe dust it off and share it. If you weren’t aware, I love the Church. She is the bride of Christ. And even in her deficiencies, she is loved by Jesus and […]

Being a Great Leader

I came across an article today from Charisma entitled “7 Inspiring Leaders and the Traits That Made Them Great“. I was very disappointed with what I found. Actually, I was more than disappointed. I was mad. The traits the author shared were: Vision Problem-solving Constant growth Motivation and communication Tenacity Generosity of spirit Comfortable in their […]